Ok ladies, if there is one bit of wisdom and experience I could impart on all women, it would be about eyeliner!  First, only put it on the upper lid, not underneath unless you are doing a photo shoot for Vogue!  Eyeliner underneath tends to drift over time and causes a shadow which makes you look tired and older.  Who wants that?  Also, it closes in your eye and makes it look smaller.  As far as color, save the jet black for evening or a dramatic effect.  You can use taupe, grays or brown for every day.  I use both a powder and a pencil for my eyeliner.  It lasts longer that way.  Use an angled brush for the powder.  My favorite pencils for eyeliner are NYC and Ulta.  They are smooth and come in all the right colors. You will find that I use makeup in all price ranges because I use what works! I know that some of you are really married to the way you use eyeliner but, try it my way for a week.  See if you look more awake and bright eyed!