Ok, alot of what I write is based on what I see on women out in the world and on film but this one is for the women I have seen lately on the street.  What is the big facination with lime green eyeshadow?  I mean it definately does not look good on everyone!  In fact there are very few that can wear it and not look like a fly!  Stop, please stop!  It is a cool thing to follow the trends but only if they look good on you.  Its summertime and whether you mean to or not, your skin will get a little color by being in the sun and you should take advantage of that and just let it glow!  A little mascara, some tinted lip balm and some moisturizer with sunscreen in it and go!  We live in Dallas, and it is really hot here most days so why would you want to have to worry about keeping your makeup on?  We will cover long wearing makeup in another post.  Meanwhile, just throw on a cute sundress and some cool shades and you’re done!