Ok, I have been asked to weigh in on mascaras so here is my first entry but surely not my last.  I love mascara!  If there is one product that can do so much for you, then you should use it every time.  I was trying to think if I was on that show, Survivor, what is the one cosmetic I would want to have knowing I would be on tv all the time.  Mascara!  Don’t you agree?  My eyelashes are so long but without mascara, nobody can see them.  I will tell you that when I am doing eye makeup for movies, mascara layering is my favorite thing.  There are some mascaras that have a great formula, while others have a great brush so why not use both?!  I am using Maybelline Colossal for its huge brush and its ability to curl and bring out every lash no matter how small.  Then I go over it with Maybelline MegaLash because the gel-mousse formula is the bomb!  Every makeup artist I know has some version of Maybelline mascara in their kit.  They were the first and they are still constantly reinventing themselves with the latest brushes and formulas.  There is something to be said about that.  If you just have to spend money on mascara, then Dior Show is the one for you. Its got a great “teddy bear” brush and the formula is good too.  I like blackest black usually unless you are really fair or blonde and then brown works for you if you are looking for natural.  If not, black is for you too!  I have been seeing the “Doll Eyes” look in magazines lately but that look is certainly for effect, not for every day. I don’t advise putting mascara on lower lashes especially in the summer because it tends to drift and cause a shadow under your eye.  I do put it there on the set because I am keeping a close eye on it while shooting and can catch any drifting as it happens. Waterproof mascara is only if you are going to be in water or crying is inevitable.  It is difficult to remove and you usually lose a few lashes when trying to take it off.  Oh no, nobody wants that!!!  Neutrogena has a great makeup remover for that if you need it.  I will say this about a curved brush on mascara, it is great if you know how to use it but, if you don’t, you could find it difficult without making a mess. So that’s the mascara scoop.  If you want to know anything specific, please ask me in the comment section!  I love that!