Well, I have been asked alot lately if I believe in primer and the answer is …..it depends on your skin.  Primer is to help skin achieve a smooth texture and help makeup to last longer.  There is primer for your face and for your eyelids and under your eyes and lips, etc…. For me, that’s too much gunk under everything else you put on top of it.  But, some people swear by it and to each his own.  Primer usually has a synthetic base so it combines with the cosmetics and binds it to your skin.  It is a synthetic so it is water resistant. My issue is that it sits on top of your skin and does nothing to improve the actual condition of it, just the appearance.  I believe in making “the canvas” as perfect as you can before you paint it!  Some of the cosmetic companies are already working on primer that is beneficial to your skin and I will be the first to try that one when it comes out.  I have seen lots of products now that are called BB cream.  They are tinted primers and some even have sunscreen.  If you have tried any of those, please weigh in and let me know how it works for you, good and bad.  In conclusion, I guess you could say that I am still on the fence about  primers but am keeping an open mind to newer versions!