I am currently working on a film called”One Heart” and I am reminded how great my job really is.  Eventhough the “up and down” life is not for everyone, it is the best life I know.  Sure, the uncertainty of where your next job will  come from is a bit unnerving but when you are working, you remember why this is the career you chose.  I am still in awe of the movie making process and love watching it all come together at the hands of a very talented crew!  Now I want to say here and now that this is not a glam life.  We are out there filming in the heat, rain, snow, cold and in the middle of the night.  We get sweaty, wet, frozen and dirty doing the job.  Hours are long (12-14hrs) and I have never been so tired in my life.  But as I am driving home from the set, I can’t help but think I am the luckiest girl to do what I love and love what I do. I wish that for everyone.  Go find your passion and do it!