Well, it  has been a long while since I have written anything here but I thought I should tell you what I have known for a long time and never thought to write down.  Baby wipes are fabulous makeup removers!  I have used them on the set to clean off everything from blood and guts to mascara and lipstick!  They are so much cheaper than your average “facial cleansing cloths”.  Those are 5 or 6 bucks a pack and baby wipes are a couple of bucks for three times as many!  The best ones are Huggies Natural Care because they have no fragrance and no crap in them to irritate skin.  Hey, they are made not to harm babies so, they certainly won’t hurt you!  They really clean all your makeup off and don’t dry your skin out.  The goofy print on the box shouldn’t discourage you from throwing some in your shopping cart.  Just do it and save some green!