Recently, I was working on a little movie here is Big D and the actresses inspired me to write my next entry.  This one is for the lovely lady in the BIG green polka dot dress!  Let me start by saying that all the ladies were very sweet and had many questions about makeup.  So, I guess I should answer all the questions here.  First, we talked about mascara again and I should reiterate what I said in my earlier blog.  Maybelline is the first to make mascara and they are the best.  Colossal in glam black is my fav.  Next was using eye shadow as eye liner.  I used a small angled brush and Chanel eye shadow in Nightlight black. The look we were going for was late eighties when the kohl rimmed eye was in style.  The softness of the powder gave each lady that smoky, slightly winged out eye.  A steady hand and blending are the key to this look.  What I had forgotten about the eighties is all the lip gloss!  MAC lipglass is the best for that look.  Always have some in your arsenal!  Guess that is about it.  I always enjoy working on a film that is another time period.  Thanks to the girls of the show for inspiring me to write this!