In Vogue?

Well, after receiving my latest copy of Vogue magazine, I am sorely disappointed in the cover as it is completely photo shopped to the point of stupid!  First of all, I did not recognize Lady Gaga because that is not how she really looked in the photo shoot.( Google the cover and you will see the original photo)  Wow!  So I just want to say that once again the fashion industry has distorted our idea of beauty.  I also realized lately that guys see us so differently than we see ourselves.  You know when you wake up with bedhead and no makeup………..guys love that!  So, don’t be so hard on yourself about how you don’t look perfect all the time.  I have to tell myself that all the time.  A smile goes a long way!


to prime or not to prime, that is the question!

Well, I have been asked alot lately if I believe in primer and the answer is … depends on your skin.  Primer is to help skin achieve a smooth texture and help makeup to last longer.  There is primer for your face and for your eyelids and under your eyes and lips, etc…. For me, that’s too much gunk under everything else you put on top of it.  But, some people swear by it and to each his own.  Primer usually has a synthetic base so it combines with the cosmetics and binds it to your skin.  It is a synthetic so it is water resistant. My issue is that it sits on top of your skin and does nothing to improve the actual condition of it, just the appearance.  I believe in making “the canvas” as perfect as you can before you paint it!  Some of the cosmetic companies are already working on primer that is beneficial to your skin and I will be the first to try that one when it comes out.  I have seen lots of products now that are called BB cream.  They are tinted primers and some even have sunscreen.  If you have tried any of those, please weigh in and let me know how it works for you, good and bad.  In conclusion, I guess you could say that I am still on the fence about  primers but am keeping an open mind to newer versions!

the mysteries of mascara

Ok, I have been asked to weigh in on mascaras so here is my first entry but surely not my last.  I love mascara!  If there is one product that can do so much for you, then you should use it every time.  I was trying to think if I was on that show, Survivor, what is the one cosmetic I would want to have knowing I would be on tv all the time.  Mascara!  Don’t you agree?  My eyelashes are so long but without mascara, nobody can see them.  I will tell you that when I am doing eye makeup for movies, mascara layering is my favorite thing.  There are some mascaras that have a great formula, while others have a great brush so why not use both?!  I am using Maybelline Colossal for its huge brush and its ability to curl and bring out every lash no matter how small.  Then I go over it with Maybelline MegaLash because the gel-mousse formula is the bomb!  Every makeup artist I know has some version of Maybelline mascara in their kit.  They were the first and they are still constantly reinventing themselves with the latest brushes and formulas.  There is something to be said about that.  If you just have to spend money on mascara, then Dior Show is the one for you. Its got a great “teddy bear” brush and the formula is good too.  I like blackest black usually unless you are really fair or blonde and then brown works for you if you are looking for natural.  If not, black is for you too!  I have been seeing the “Doll Eyes” look in magazines lately but that look is certainly for effect, not for every day. I don’t advise putting mascara on lower lashes especially in the summer because it tends to drift and cause a shadow under your eye.  I do put it there on the set because I am keeping a close eye on it while shooting and can catch any drifting as it happens. Waterproof mascara is only if you are going to be in water or crying is inevitable.  It is difficult to remove and you usually lose a few lashes when trying to take it off.  Oh no, nobody wants that!!!  Neutrogena has a great makeup remover for that if you need it.  I will say this about a curved brush on mascara, it is great if you know how to use it but, if you don’t, you could find it difficult without making a mess. So that’s the mascara scoop.  If you want to know anything specific, please ask me in the comment section!  I love that!

eyeshadow or not to eyeshadow?

Ok, alot of what I write is based on what I see on women out in the world and on film but this one is for the women I have seen lately on the street.  What is the big facination with lime green eyeshadow?  I mean it definately does not look good on everyone!  In fact there are very few that can wear it and not look like a fly!  Stop, please stop!  It is a cool thing to follow the trends but only if they look good on you.  Its summertime and whether you mean to or not, your skin will get a little color by being in the sun and you should take advantage of that and just let it glow!  A little mascara, some tinted lip balm and some moisturizer with sunscreen in it and go!  We live in Dallas, and it is really hot here most days so why would you want to have to worry about keeping your makeup on?  We will cover long wearing makeup in another post.  Meanwhile, just throw on a cute sundress and some cool shades and you’re done!

eyeliner do’s and don”ts

Ok ladies, if there is one bit of wisdom and experience I could impart on all women, it would be about eyeliner!  First, only put it on the upper lid, not underneath unless you are doing a photo shoot for Vogue!  Eyeliner underneath tends to drift over time and causes a shadow which makes you look tired and older.  Who wants that?  Also, it closes in your eye and makes it look smaller.  As far as color, save the jet black for evening or a dramatic effect.  You can use taupe, grays or brown for every day.  I use both a powder and a pencil for my eyeliner.  It lasts longer that way.  Use an angled brush for the powder.  My favorite pencils for eyeliner are NYC and Ulta.  They are smooth and come in all the right colors. You will find that I use makeup in all price ranges because I use what works! I know that some of you are really married to the way you use eyeliner but, try it my way for a week.  See if you look more awake and bright eyed!

just starting out blog

Well friends, as you may or may not know, life as a film professional has its ups and downs, meaning that you are out of work some of the time and sometimes you are so busy you have no life.  I am taking this “down time” to expand my journey into the cyber world with the help of my best friend Brooke.  She has a blog and has encouraged me to start one so here it is.  I will be talking about alot of things like makeup reviews, product favs, the film biz and stuff like that.  Like all creative people, there will be a few random thoughts thrown in too.  Hope you guys stay tuned for more!