You know, I have been working in the film industry for 20 years now and it seems that I am always discovering new things that have been right in front of me the whole time.

Working in the Makeup Dept. of any show can be very rewarding and fun but it also comes with all the politics of the current election!  When did getting a job not depend on your skills as much as it does who you know and who likes or dislikes you personally?  I have worked with a great many artists over the years and just as the industry has grown and changed a great deal since I  started, so have all the people in it!    Now artists are human beings too and human beings make mistakes.  Whether it is personally or professionally, we all have done various things we wish we could take back but, that is a part of growth,  in other words, life.  The key is whether you can accept and forgive all the mistakes you made and the mistakes of others.  Years ago, I worked with an artist who “didn’t play well with others”  so when she recently called me to work with her, I couldn’t imagine doing it but, someone told me that she was very different now and changed her life for the better.  Well how can I expect people to acknowledge that I have changed if I don’t do the same for others?  The past is the past and it should remain there.  No one is above forgiveness and no one is without fault.  In an industry that seems so tightly knit, I would hope that my fellow crew members all remember that and I as well.

Guess that is enough “heavy’ subject matter for this entry.  Will write more funny stuff next time!  Promise!  Stay tuned!